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****Before you join, please read*****

spnwriterlounge is a community for writers who write in the Supernatural fandom (yes, of course, including RPS!). If you would like to be a member, you must have at least one fic posted publicly. If you do not have a fic sticky, or your fic is not easily visible on the journal you friended the community with, please email mrstotten[at]hotmail.co.uk with a link to your fan fiction. We do check each member's journal for fic before approving, and are having a hard time hunting down hidden fic amongst a bunch of entries. If we check your journal and do not easily find your stories, and have not received an email from you within 24 hours of requesting membership, the request will be denied. You can apply again, but please remember to provide a link to where you post your fanfic, or the link to one in your journal.

We really appreciate your cooperation in this matter! Thanks! We now return you to your regularly scheduled comm user info.

Before you join, you may want to check through this profile page, which hopefully explains what we do here.

Is your mind drawing a blank?
Need someone to discuss your fic ideas with?
Is a plot bunny eating your brain and you have to either write it or get rid of it?
Do you want to write the perfect fic, but are unsure where to find the right resources?
Or do you just need a place to vent?

Welcome to the SPN Writers Lounge. A place for writers to discuss ideas, plots and resources. To drop off unwanted plot bunnies to a good home, or pick one up for inspiration. With regular challenges to get your creative juices flowing and a host of resources to get you on the right track and keep you there, the lounge is your one stop shop for all your writing needs.

Acceptable content:

Feel free to discuss plots, outlines, fic ideas, brainstorm or ask for help/advice/encouragement. You can post looking for beta readers or to drop off your unwanted plot bunnies. Do you want help finding out a line in an episode, or characters name? Feel free to post a request.

Any constructive comments, regarding your stories, your writing process, your ideas etc., are warmly welcomed.

Unacceptable Content:

No bashing of the show, fic genres, actors, actresses or anything else. We don’t care who Jensen/Jared is dating or who they should be dating, or what they had for dinner last night. If you don’t like slash/gen/RPS/het then don’t read the posts concerning them. While RPS is welcomed, we do not want to speculate outside of fic about their personal lives or whom they should or should not date. There are plenty of comms that welcome discussion of that sort, and we invite you to take those posts there.

Rants should be specific to the writing process. You want to rant because your readers are asking you to change everything in the fic you love, or because there aren’t enough good Original Characters, or because you can't find the resources to give you that vital information you need to complete the story? Feel free, we will listen, sympathize, rant alongside you, and hopefully even help you figure a way around the problem.

However, if you want to rant because you don’t like Daneel, or the direction the show is taking etc, this comm isn’t the place for it.

No Flaming or Bashing of individual members, whether it is a personal thing, or you don’t like their stories, or you just had a bad day, it will not be tolerated. If you disagree with what someone has written, you can state your views politely. Any comments/entries that bash or flame others will be deleted.

Repeated posting of unacceptable content may result in your comm membership being revoked. The mods are mostly nice people and they don't want to have to do that, please don't make them.


Sunday:Themed Discussion (hosted by just_ruth)
Monday: Plot Bunnies/Adopt-A-WIP (hosted by stageira)
Tuesday: How-to Guides/Writing Workshops (hosted by mrstotten)
Wednesday: Flashfic challenges (hosted by dishonestdreams)
Thursday: Prompts (hosted by entropy_maximum)
Friday/Saturday: Weekly Recap (hosted by stageira)

Occasional activities include:
- Monthly beta volunteer posts (posted on the first weekend of every month)

Other activites, resources and challenges are posted on an ad-hoc basis, depending on levels of interest and mod availability.

Spoiler Policy:

Please keep all information/discussion regarding episodes that have aired in the U.S. under a cut for one week after their air date. Please label all posts containing spoilers clearly, and refrain from using any icons from the "spoilery" episode. All posts not adhering to the spoiler policy will be deleted without warning.

There is to be no discussion of spoilers for episodes that have not yet aired in the U.S., unless it is in a post already clearly marked as containing spoilers of those type under a cut. Any post or comment that does not adhere to this guideline will be deleted immediately (not because we hate you or anything, but to try and keep people from getting spoiled).

How to contact the mods:

dishonestdreams can be reached via her LJ PM box or at dishonestdreams[at]gmail.com
entropy_maximum can be reached via her LJ PM box or at maximum_entropy[at]live.com.au
mrstotten can be reached via her LJ PM box or at mrstotten[at]hotmail.co.uk
just_ruth can be reached via her LJ PM box
stageira can be reached via her LJ PM box

**This comm has moderated posting** Every effort will be made to keep the posting process as speedy as possible :-)

We hope you enjoy it here and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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If you would like to be considered for affiliation, PM one of the mods. Please do not pimp any communities in posts or comments without permission.