Reveria (reveria) wrote in spnwriterlounge,


Hey everyone,

I'm sure you've all noticed that it has gotten quiet around here. Xmas in July didn't happen because all of us moderators were suddenly busy with real life and we didn't get it on the way on time. I'd like to apologize for that. As it turns out, the summer isn't going to be much different for all of us, so we've decided to take a


until 1st October, when we will once again have time to run the lounge the way we envisioned.

There'll be no new mod posts from us until then. We'll still approve member posts, though, so if you're looking for help with anything SPN related, that's fine.

We'll be back with a new look and new events in the fall. Take care, everyone! 
Tags: hiatus, mod post
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